All the children passed the school grades

Dec 17, 2014 Image

All the children at Guild Cottage have passed into the next grade at school. This is an achievement because many of the children come to us with gaps in their education. All the schools that we use are wonderfully kind and understanding of our children's backgrounds. For the children to do well at school boosts both their self confidence and their self esteem. In the new year we will have 3 girls in High School. The school requires that all the children use tablets with their textbooks loaded onto them. The girls are thrilled because this year they have struggled with their very heavy backpacks.

  • Christmas Fun

    Dec 16, 2014

    Christmas is always an exciting time at Guild. The girls have been very fortunate in that so many donors have come up with fun things for them. A division of KPMG sponsored our children to Gold Reef City last week. What an amazing outing since most of them had only heard about it and most had never been before. . Then The Sales Department of GSK gave our kids a fabulous flapjack breakfast party. They organised the kids to make Christmas tree decorations, ice cupcakes, play games and then a tall slim Santa Clause appeared with a sack full of gifts. His tummy kept slipping out of his costume to great hilarity! Last week they went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Children's Theatre and later this week they are going to the pantomime, Peter Pan, at the Joburg Theatre.

  • Valley Trust

    Dec 01, 2014

    The Valley Trust have been incredibly generous in helping us to fund outings, visits to KFC and to generally keep the children active and involved through the holidays. Any activities help to normalise our girls who have been so deprived and damaged in their own homes. Letting them experience what children in ordinary homes experience also gives them role models and helps them to aspire to more when they grow up.

  • Parktown Girls

    Nov 30, 2014

    Parktown Girls' High School made an amazing effort to fund raise on our behalf. They have a group called The Pots who every year adopt a charity, and this year it was Guild Cottage The girls had bake sales, jumble sales, organised dances, bling days, civvies day and approached Old Girls for support . Their efforts were enormous and the amount they raised was greater than what we received from many of out regular donors. Thank you all Pots girls.

  • Student Intern - Pearl Tyabashe

    Aug 00, 2012

    This year our student intern was Pearl Tyabashe. She was a fourth year social work student from the University of Johannesburg. Pearl was an incredible student who did a lot more than was required of her for internship purposes. She has passed with high honours and has been nominated for a bursary to do her Masters degree at Cambridge University.