Our Community Outreach program

Nov 15, 2014 Image

Our Community Outreach program has had another successful year. This year we have had over 1000 people in our workshops. Frequently when the people receive the training they form groups.They then setup their own small initiatives. A group of 6 women in the Villa Lisa section of Vosloorus have managed to get a shack that they have turned into a small shelter to take in young children who would otherwise be on the streets, while their mothers look for work. This has been so well received by the community that there are now plans to care for the disabled during the day, when they would have to be on their own. Many of these people are so severely disabled that they are unable to move to even make a cup of tea. The difference that our training makes in unlocking the potential to care for others is seen often. Just by offering these poorest of the poor respect they show themselves capable of great compassion.