About Guild Cottage

Guild Cottage started in 1907 as a home for orphaned children and has evolved into South Afria's only specialist residential treatment centre for sexually abused and traumatised children.

Using international best practice, Guild Cottage now leads the way in developing remedial programmes that are giving sexually abused children a second chance for full rehabilitation and recovery.

The Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) further works in communities to prevent and identify abuse through awareness and education programes.

Residential Treatment

Our team of highly skilled professionals assist abused children by providing:

  • Psycholgical therapy and care that help children to work through the impact of the abuse through emotional growth and the development of specific coping skill.
  • Environmental therapy through which the child is taught independence, responsibility and appropriate boundaries, behaviour and life skills
  • Family therapy to ensure that the child, once treated, returns to a safe family enviroment; parents and guardians form an important part of the therapy and healing process

Community Outreach

The education plays a vital role in grassroots prevention of abuse and there is a desperate need for engagement that will prompt recognition of abuse and motivate families to get help, as the impact of sexual abuse, untreated, is enormous.

Our Community Outreach Programme brings the consequences of child abuse to the attention of parents, teachers, community leaders and and childcare workers. Qualified social workers educate communities on how to identify, respond to and prevent abuse, as well as imparting key child rearing skills.

We are seeking urgent assistance that will allow expansion of this programme.

Education and Consultation

Educational outreach programmes include speaking to university students, professional organisations, teachers and prosecutors

Our facility is regularly used for internships and research projects.